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When can i withdraw my royality from onlinegatha account ?


It has been asked several times from the authors we are working that when can we exactly withdraw the royalty its yearly , monthly or weekly .

Well the answer is pretty simple , we do not hold your royalties for months or years or days , as soon as your account holds the amount of value 6,000 INR or 100$ the royalty can be taken immediately.

People often share their views that we should have changed our policy , the answer to their suggestions yes we can but at the moment company is happy with what we are doing .

Once you make the withdrawal of the royalty from the account you will be charged 2 type of fees :

a) Service Fees : 10%

b) Withdrawal Fees : 2%

You need to add your bank accounts for making the withdrawals from your dashboard , the amount will be sent to your bank accounts within 7 working days from the date of request made. 

To calculate your royalty go to this link :

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