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5 Ideas to promote your book like a pro


Once you have written the book now it’s time to start promoting it. You have invested money, time and love writing it, so it becomes your responsibility to promote your book like a pro. There are many authors who start writing the book but are less authors who finishes their book.


How To Promote your Book

In this digital era it becomes very important for the author that he creates the platform or build his online presence where he can reach thousands of people. You must connect to them through twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and tell them about the book.

Further, make the blogs and start answering the questions of the readers and make your book public. This way you are able to tell the readers about your book or make the platform for the book and promoting the book.

You can also make your own website where you can attract more and more readers to read and buy your book.


These are other 5 ideas which will help you to promote your book:

1)      Always begin Early: It is considered as most powerful and essential step when it comes to promoting of the book. You should always start as early as possible. As writing the book is a long process, so you must build the network of supporters and reviewers. You must always keep the track of the people you meet and pay special attention to them. All these people will help you in writing the best book by giving you the best examples.

If possible you must bring all these people together after you have signed the contract for the book and given the publisher the manuscript for publishing the book.

2)      Write a Remarkable Book: Before giving the book to the publisher you must give the manuscript to all the friends and ask them to give the honest feedback about how they like you book. It will be kind of word of mouth publicity where one person will read it and tell other to buy the same book. It is the best book promotion idea where you are promoting the book and also getting true reviews about your book.

3)      Make Videos: You must make the video for about 5 minutes highlighting the key ideas of the book and upload on the websites like youtube, jumpcut, ourmedia, Vimeo, vSocial and many more.

4)      Organise the Conference: Prior introducing the book in the market you must organise the conference and have the confidence in speaking in that and telling about your book. You must also make presentation which will help the people to understand more about your book. You must also take some questions from the audience which will give them better understanding of your book.

5)      Email: Always hire the organizers which will give you best book marketing by sending thousands of email to the people and try to review your book through their newsletter.



As an author it is your responsibility to promote your book and make it possible that your reaches thousands of people and you become the best author. There are many best ebook publisher which will help you in promoting your book.

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