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A must read for the writers


Every beginner face this dilemma; hours, days, months and at times years are wasted yet the author or the writer fails to decide whether to opt for publishing or not. To all those budding writers who fail this dilemma, this articles is a must read.

Here are the few tips that will help you in taking the decision whether your writing are mature enough to be published or not. Doesn’t matter if you opt for self-publishing or traditional publishing, these points must be considered.

1.       Give the synopsis or few pages to your relatives, trusted friends and family for reading. Ask for their honest opinion.

2.       Take advantage of the social media and publish synopsis, few chapters, paragraphs, lines, poems etc. over there and observe the reaction of the target readers.

3.       The positive response from both is a green signal for you to go for publishing.


Here, it is important to bear in mind that though the appreciation from these platforms is a go for publishing but you must never expect over the board. The lesser the expectation the happier you will be and ultimately that will be your inspiration to write more. 

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