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4 secrets, you should know before proposing your book for publishing


As the technology, availability, and options increase so does the competition. Along with traditional publishing, people now have options of self-publishing, eBook publishing, and hybrid publishing as well. These options, on one hand, ease the trouble of getting your book published but has also increased the probability of getting success. The rejection of the scripts and approaching publishers like the penguin etc. is a hard nut to crack but with the invasion of other publishing options, it became much easier. On the other hand, traditional publishing guarantees a renowned name associated with your book which boosts the sale of the book.

To get the success and fame that your book deserves following are the master keys that you must have:

1. Be Honest with your work: Your publisher must be aware of each and every detail of your book. You must be honest with yourself as well as your publisher. If you feel the need that your book must go through rewriting, proofreading etc., tell your publisher about it frankly. At times people narrate better than they write. That is why books are given for re-writing and proofreading.
2.Take your competitors along with you:  While moving ahead in any competing field, observing and learning from your competitors is a necessary part. Never ignore the book competitors of your book. Competitors give inspiration and direction for the betterment of your work.
3. Book promotion strategy: A good promotional strategy is the core need for selling. The best hack for promotions in today’s era is social media promotion over platforms like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc. Building an author platform is also no less than a necessity nowadays. Being in touch with your readers is also equally important.
4. Know Why You Want to Write a Book: Everything in this world is for a reason, so would be your book. If one knows the core motive behind publishing and writing the book, half the path is traversed on its own. You need to have a clear vision of what you want and why you want in order to be specific about it. Also, it helps while penning down the book as well. If you have a clear insight of what you want to put in the book, the chances of writing trash and unnecessarily exaggerating situations get omitted.


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