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Self-publish your book in four easy steps


On one hand, self publishing has gained very negative publicity for the trash that’s been written and published. The other side of it shows the success rate of the self publishers like E. L. James etc. From time to time, it has been proved that the quality of work is the deciding factor of the success rate. To yield the quality, smart and efficient work is needed. Here are four ways to get success in the field of self publishing.  

1.) Write a book in an impressive way: The flow of the book must be smooth. Style of saying must be soft. Proofreading and editing of the book by professional is a must before forwarding for final printing.

2.) Success at doorstep: The success will knock your door only if each and every detail of your book from storyline to book cover, editing to proof reading etc. should portray professionalism and potential.

3.) Book cover design: First impression is the last impression. The cover of the book builds its first look and impression. Sale of the books with an impressive cover hike by 40-50%.


4.)  Does genre matter? You will get the audience of all niches and genre. Especially, when we talk about India, we can never predefine which genre is dominating. Whether you write a fiction book, non-fiction book, erotica, romantic tale or any other niche, the way of writing and story line must click with the readers. 

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