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Some Silly Mistakes to Avoid while Publishing your First Book


Mistakes are the natural things, but improving over time is in our hands. An author or not but one should learn from his/her past mistakes. 

The first and foremost thing is understanding the mind of the audience. Before publishing the book in the market, you should be familiar with the target audience for your genre and should plan the marketing strategy accordingly. 

The name as an author can be attained by self publishing an e-book or book, for that matters. But if one want to target the audience, writing style, content, publishing, marketing etc. matters a lot. A reader loves to read a perfect book rather than wasting money and time over newbies. Certainly, you can't be at par from the starting but basic mistakes like grammatical errors in writing, the flow of the story, attractive cover, reasonable rate, targeting the right audience etc. are the things that cannot be neglected. 

Now, one can either write or design or market. Do not try to extend your hands over every field rather take the help of the experts. Designing can be done by a good graphic designer only. Here, self publishing companies have a very crucial role as they provide you with the proof-reader, editor, designer, marketing strategy and even publishing as well. 

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