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How to publish a book online for free


When we want to publish a book online, we think about the inexpensive platform where we can publish our book easily. Enhancing the sale of the book can be one of the strategies to hike the royalty and income percentage.


Similar strategies are applied by the authors as they publish their book by paying the renowned brands like Amazon and in turn get more sale and royalty. Paying a penny and getting huge benefit is a profitable deal.


Things are never that rosy as they seem to be. So, the bitter truth over here is that to increase the sale only brand name isn’t sufficient. You need to promote your book over different platform. People must be aware of the title, book and name of the author, else how come one will buy the book. No matter how big the distributing platform is, you need an expert publisher and marketing planner. At OnlineGatha, you get the combination of all three of them, we publish, market and sell.



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