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How To Calculate Royalty for Ebook and Paperback


Simply goto this link on onlinegatha website you will find the options to calculate the royalty in real time .

On the page you will find 2 options for calculating the royalty :

1) For Yourself : 

This Royalty calculator actually generates the production cost per book which you will have to pay as an author , once you order your book through our website , it is a very simple structure which you need to follow , just enter the number of pages you have in the book and rest choose the different options from the category asked , and the system will generate the production cost which you need to pay while you make an order for your book listed on our website.

2) For Distribution :

For Ebooks it depends on distribution type which you have chosen . If you have chosen Onlinegatha as your distribution type you will get a royalty of 85% on your set MRP otherwise your royalty will be calculated on 70%.

For Paperback and Hardcopy royalty is calculated on the profit from the book, you will get 70% of total royalty on every book sale on every platform.

Profit = MRP - Production Cost 

Production Cost and Minimum MRP both will be generated from the system once you enter the number of pages and the other appropriate parameters asked by the system.

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